zombie pool party

no editing at all

Picture looks great, even without any editing, my only question is: Why is the pool very clear even with corpses in it?

i don’t know to achieve that kinda effect with photoshop


anyone up for editing?

map please?

zs_swimming_pool or something.

Was released some time ago in the Map section.

I like the pic, very nice posing.

thanks for the comments, guys!

I added some red cordial…


looks good!



The zombie at the bottom of the pools all “How the FUCK do i get out of here?”

That’s not the way to hold a sword, don’t know why everyone always place it like that, you hold it from below the hilt/handguard, that’s why it’s called handguard. Also because thats where the weight is most balanced.

You could have also removed the jaggies while you added the cordial.

Other than those few minors, it’s pretty good, though it seems weird that none of the zombies are paying any attention to the survivors, or that the survivors aren’t even on guard.

well in the game it takes like 30 seconds for them to realize they are there


for some reason i cant get into facepunch by typing it in on chrome, but only while clicking a bookmark
i cant get on facepunch with internet explorer either

Yeah, it just doesn’t look like they just got there.