Zombie Rampage

Hi guys.
My first Post here on the Garrys Mod Section.
I think im skilled enough to post my pictures here on facepunch.
I may fail at my english knowledge so dont freak out when its hard to understand what i say ;).
So heres my first Picture:


Btw hot to make the image clickable?
So you have to click view Image to to see it because the pics are usually really big.

Posing isn’t bad but the bloom and the poor AA are hurting my eyes.

Yeah i kinda suck at editing my Pictures >_>

Just wanted to hear how you like the posing.

What he said

But it’s your first post anyways, so we are not mad at you : )

wow thx
Next time ill raise Graphic Settings and maybe try not to rape the pic with bloom :slight_smile:

I like your posing alot man!

First whats your video card specs try to raise the video options in options > video>advanced Then raise it to the max

KK i will thx for the nice Comments!

Hope my grafic card isnt fucked up so i can raise it to the max!

this is really cool

Thx :smiley:

Oh i could kill myself that i had this low graphic settings!! >:(

Nice first pose alot better than my first XD

Its not my first pose :smiley:

Just my first posted pose here on Facepunch!

Really nice pic, love the zombie with the milky eyes! He is like: Fuck biting! Nades ftw! Where did you get those zombie models btw?

Nice. Posing is good, but the editing…

Really nice posing, editing could be alot better, but that’s okay. For a first posted pose, it’s fantastic. And next time, try to up the graphics a little.

Amazing job dude. The only thing is (i know everyone has been saying this) turn up your graphics a bit. That’s all.

Yeah I know graphics are fucked up in that pic

Models are from the Zombie Apocalypse mage pack

And ill need to work on my editing abilities X(

That’s quite badass

Posing isn’t that bad, but please PLEASE turn AA on D:

Pretty good.