Zombie Replacement Brainstorm

Hey everyone as I am sure most of you know, Zombies, Zeds, Zomboids, Walkers, Biters and for all intense and purposes “Undead” will not be making it unto the final version of Rust.

So I ask the community to come together and have a brainstorming event right in this thread. Unsure if the developers have any concrete ideas on how to satisfy The Need of another way to dispense goodies. On the Trello they state they are working on this and will most likely be done before the Steam release. https://trello.com/c/aPg2Nwj3/130-remove-zombies

Current Ideas I have come across included Velociraptors among ideas like aliens Mutants Etc. So, Commence the Brainstorming:

Their are many threads which discuss about a Replacement from Zombies to ???

More threads doesnt help.Maybe we should discuss on the Threads which are their


Didn’t you see another thread about this?

Also, they’re being replaced by more bears and wolves.

No I didn’t see that and where is your proof or link that a developer has approved this and if so why not take the zombies out already and just add more animals lol

Judging by the wording of the trello post, I don’t think they are wanting to simply replace the zombies with some other kind of creature or monster. It seems to me that they want an entirely new way to get us the loot that would be lost without the zombies. A whole new mechanic for distributing loot.

The developer blog is probably a good place to start looking, mister run-on sentences.

Well the games full of floppy penises, so clearly monsters will be some form of toothed vagina.