Zombie replacement ideas

I have been addicted to watching videos since first hearing of RUST and thought a thread having to do with community ideas for the eventual replacement of the zombies would be good.

My initial idea was an enemy AI similar to the Wasteland Mod for Arma 2/3 but then started thinking that something totally unique to RUST would be really cool. Werewolves? Vampires? Bigfoot!!! lol…

Would love to hear what everyone’s thoughts are!

Mutants would be cool.

Zombies work well, why change them?
I mean, theres nothing really good OR bad about them.

I don’t understand how that would be unique to Rust.

I vote bears though. Big ol’ grizzly bears.

zombies have become generic as fuck

Zombies don’t have to be generic, just look at the recent State of Decay, doing zombies in a new creative way can keep them interesting.

Yeah they are generic, but they are also loved, and in my view, completley fine for a game that innovates in some other way.

no it doesn’t don’t lie to yourself

sometimes its acceptable like in walking dead but theres no such thing as “Creative zombies” when you just have a plain, walking dead / romero / runner style zombie. It can be FUN, but its not very creative.

if l4d didn’t have special zombies like the tank or spitter, and JUST running zombies, the game would be absolute shit

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they have become generic though mass overuse.

Why not just have other players as it? I mean there are plenty of KOSers and bandits out there.


Have you ever checked your own contest thread? :stuck_out_tongue: Or is it just 2 much?

Aliens? or dinosaurs

Mutants, Monsters, Mutated Animal Wildlife, Crazed Marauders, Bloodthirsty Bandits, Robots, Acid Rain.

Angry gnomes!

Drew these fuckers before i realized the art contest was on paper only.
Maybe its relevant

ghosts would be cool

5 foot tall raptors specifically

mutated dirt covered dinosaurs,animals,and big bugs like bears,raptorex,komodo dragon,alligators,mosquito,coytes,dogs,abelisaurus,achillobator,anyone want to add to the list.

Zombies have been done to death (no pun intended) so it is ridiculously generic and plus they’ve said they are definitely changing them as they don’t like them. The zombies are simply placeholders, nothing more.

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Slenderman would be nice too