Zombie replacement model in HL2 will not walk around but will attack !

Right now I’m using a replacement model for the default classic HL2 zombie, and it gets stuck in its spawn position. It will still hit you if you get close enough ( and plays the hit animation), and it will turn towards the player, but it will not move.

I thought it could be getting stuck in the floor, but I have turned the model into just a single sphere and assigned it to the head bone so nothing is touching the ground, and still, nothing. Even decompiling the classic model and recompiling it without changing anything will leave me with the same ‘stuck in spawn position’ error. However, if I delete these replacements and use the built in vpk zombie ( or even if I export that model and use it ), the originals work fine.

I just don’t get how the default model can work but when I export it / recompile it, it doesn’t. And I don’t see why anything in the QC file would stop it from following the player.

Any thoughts?

NPC’s are pointless?

Is it just a model or a custom NPC?

Does anyone have a link to an HL2 zombie model replacement that isn’t just a reskin? I’m having difficulty finding one which is very surprising. It’d be a step in the right direction as I could see if this is somehow something that steampipe has screwed up / I could see if my decompilers work any differently on an alternate zombie model.

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Just a model. To be exact, I enabled AI on the zombie in my HL2MP mod, and it works and follows me until I replace the model. It is extremely frustrating and the only thing I can think of is that the zombie model isn’t decompiling correctly and I’m losing action states in the QC file.

But I don’t think that’s correct because I’ve used both cannonfodder’s decompiler and crowbar. And I don’t believe that the QC file would have that much control over the enemy code ingame.

source decompilers dont keep all of the commands required to get the animations working. look on garrysmod.org for a beta zombie replacement, and then add $includemodel “path to the animation file and the animation file”, example: $includemodel “zombie\zombieanims.mdl”

This sounds promising, I’ll give it a shot. I just wouldn’t think that the animations being screwed up would stop the zombie from moving towards me…

A lack of animations screws up Source NPCs because they are not like Lua NPCs where the model is desperate from the actual movement.

It FUCKING worked !!! :smile: :smile: I have been working on this for the past 3 days trying to find someone with a similar problem and couldn’t. I knew I could find an answer here though, because facepunch is the most active, helpful source modding community there is ! Thank you uaredead2020 and codegs !!! :dance:

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Also a big fat fuck you to the source engine which seems to have a mind of its own half of the time. I’m using unity for my singleplayer project and it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m too dumb to implement multiplayer though, so that’s why I’m using source.