Zombie replacement?

I just sketched it up in the past thirty minutes so excuse the sloppiness but how about some maniacs as a replacement for zombies? They’ll act the same as a melee only enemy. They will use stone weapons and attack you aggressively. Also their hair has mostly fallen out due to radiation. What do you guys think?

Good job, how bout some suggestions? Make the necklace of cut off fingers and other body parts, have it holding a decapitated arm as a weapon, blood around the face from feasting on human flesh, nasty tumors hanging off its body, radiation burns. Like an irradiated cannibalistic psycho killer

This looks like a zombie to me.
Also, I’m not too hot about having such an NPC running around.

All good suggestions! he is actually wearing a bone necklace. I personally feel that the zombies need to go.

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Visually there are similarities. But much more human, these maniacs can talk and often do to themselves, they have make stone weapons a clothing and act completely differently. Its just an overused concept and i feel like this would fit much more.

There isnt really alot that tells you the npcs ingame are zombies. From your picture i get the same expression.

I like the idea of zombies that attack with weapons like rocks or even stuff they had before hatched/pickaxe.

This is very alpha and i think the devs will go for such an approach but we really need the npcs to drop exactly what they wear. Zombies will be strong or weak depending on the gear they have rather then the type of zombie. For example a zombie with kevlar and a m16 on his back.

They would essentially fill the same roll, just act a little different and have a different feel from zombies. Give the game a better tone as well in my opinion since i’m a little sick of zombies.

Ya zombies are a bit overdone. Dont see why they cant do some minor tweaking and make them barbarians of some kind or even radiated crazy ppl rather than straight up zombies

They should look like zombified humans like, outlast or killing floor :smiley:

This has to be one of the friendliest posts I’ve seen on the Rust forums. Faith in humanity slowly being restored. :downs:

I think they haven’t decided to get rid of zombies and replace them with npc’s like “maniacs” is because they want the only people that can talk, and hold weapons, to be real people (players). They use zombies because its the same as having wolves or bears in the game. its more of an animal than a person.

I personally liked this person’s drawings of potential replacements.


The replacement model would distinguish the game more, hopefully make it something spooky[Or even have some enemies only come out at night time] that are very creepy and make creepy noises.(Such as a sort of clicking noise)

The enemies in this game should be very stalker-esque imo.

OMG THIS. This needs to be implemented

Im just imagining being in my shack, still kinda freshspawn and hearing one of those creatures slowly walking by and making those noises and I just turn my fire off and hold my hatchet close and try not to piss my pants. love it

This is would like to see! =D

im gona selfishly bump this in hopes a dev sees it. i still can get over the awesomeness of those scary night mobs

they should add pyramid head from silent hill or some other similar characters like that.

I like the zombies, but what I would love to see are slightly different takes on zombies, like the Ghouls in Fallout. It should look like those drawings, actually! Someone who’s taken a lot of radiation, developing sores and cancerous tumors, whos brain has slowly rotted away until they’ve become nothing more than a bloodthirsty animal… and above all they should look like they used to be a survivor.

I’d like to see more advanced zombie AI as well. They should be attracted to lights and noise (your campfire attracts zombies! and so does gunfire), maybe some infighting (it has to be pretty rare though, but when it does happen it would be fun to see!), and perhaps even go after wildlife (come on, a zombie’s gotta eat!).
As zombies used to be survivors, they should also carry random tools. You may encounter zombies wielding pickaxes, hatchets, rocks, and even guns (maybe some zombies can still use their gun, but can’t aim very well - it would be a shock when you hear bullets whizzing by your head and find out it’s a zombie wildly waving it’s gun around). Remember, zombies are technically still humans - they are basically psychotic and animalistic, but they may still have just enough brainpower to still use some tools.

that would be silly to add something from another game… but something somewhat similar I guess… im thinking more creature like would be cool though

I’d pretty much be happy with mutated animals like the ones in Stalker.