Zombie Request

I’ve noticed there are a multitude of Hl2 inspired zombies, and barely any that aren’t from HL2 or have a head-crab…

There’s also no Zombie Player-models, does anyone think they could take the normal clothed citizens that are zombies most likely these (http://www.garrysmod.org//downloads/?a=view&id=57236) and make them into playermodels?

I wish someone would make a whole new set of em, along with female ones… but it’s seeming to be wasted wishing…

If anyone would make those, it would be much obliged!

Isn’t there zombie citizens in Zombie Panic: Source?

You’re thinking of Zombie Master.

Ah. With so many zombie things, its not that hard to get confused.

But still there you are, Zombie Master has them.

I need it for Garrysmod though, so any pointers on how I would transfer that over?

Copy the models and materials folders from the Zombie Master folder to the garrysmod folder (or make an addon for them which would be a better idea). Or get gm_mount2.

I plan on placing this into novustwo gamemode… so… is that going to be that simple?

Depends how it handles player models and if Zombie Master uses the same anims.

Zombie Master zombies are just default HL2 zombies with a different reference so as long as you can get the default zombie animations to work then the ZM zombies will work fine