Zombie Role play server

This is a custom darkrp server with zombies,printers,jobs,And a custom map. We have a new website heavenshell.tk
And we are looking for great role players to join our server. Are player range is usuelly 3-8 and we are trying to increase that. We have 28 slots on our server and we want atleast half of it filled. So join if you wish at
You can also join our community at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HeavensHell .


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What the ffffff. It just changed my avatar to Justin beiber… JUSTIN HAXED THE SITE


Putting serious in the name is not going to encourage people to join.

Edit: OP don’t agree with yourself it just makes you get laughed at.




darkrp is not rp

Who will pay 10 a month for admin? or vip?

Aww man, here we go again…

Its perma not a month

I lol’d more.

Lol. Atm I fail- Everyone will agree

You don’t need money printers in ZombieRP.