Zombie Roleplay| Semi-Serious


We have a good legit server. With great tools sweps and more.

 This server will be up for a while. Probally untill Garrys Mod starts to die out. That probaly will not happend.

This server has been worked on for about 2 days. Adding Tools,Sweps and restrictions. We had to reform classes to reduce Minges. Here is are reform:
Prop Abuser: No Physgun Or toolgun
Watchlist:Keep a better eye on them.
Respected:More respect, Vote,
Vip:200k In game cash,Phys gun players,More tools,In game tag,Forum custom colored name,200 health in game,
Admin:When earned you receive 100k,Kick,Ban,All Vip Benefits accept for cash.
Moderator: Everything on admin. But higher rank.
Superadmin: Everything on admin,Higher rank,Perma Ban,Goto,Brind,Nolimits,Much much more.

 We are recruiting Admins. If you buy vip, Theres a 50% better chance of admin.

Vip Cost 10$ For permently. and 4$ for 1 month.
You cannot buy admin. Due to Abuser before.
It is easy to loose admin or Vip. But You will be moved to Lossed Privlages Group. It takes about 1-2 days of straight goodness to earn back. And If you are bad again. Moved to guess. It takes about 1-3 weeks to earn back.

This is a OOC Zone. Due to Spawn kill by zombies we made this.
Only Players can get out and in the ooc zone.
There are fast and regular zombies that spawn throughout the map.
This is a pretty big map. But a small .BSP file and not that laggy

wouldn’t 450k in a complete zombie apocalypse be useless.

That’s a shitty system.
Why become VIP when you can earn admin and get all of the VIP’s features?

Admin. Takes a long time to earn. Lol. about 4-12 months

RP communities where you pay for anything are dumb and/or elitist, and are totally missing the point.

Ontopic: Zombie Roleplay? How does that work : o

I agree. I lowerd down. To much money spoils the gane

Semi-Serious ZRP is basically same as Dark RP.
Just some changed text.

Because your server will be up that long?

no. It takes time to earn admin. And my server will be up for a while. Untill we run out of donations. And i dont have anough money myself to pay for server

Good roleplayer can roleplay with anykind of setting. Zombie roleplaying doesn’t mean non-stop zombie slaughtering, it’s much more. Like, developing your character and getting know into other people and basically surviving. It’s fun if you do it right.

Too bad I don’t think they’re doing it right, slayer. :doh:

I know that this server doesn’t have passive roleplaying.

Whoops, my remote chances of going into this server hit rockbottom.

I always considered RPs more like stories focused around the characters. No passive, no character development, no go.


Its just darkrp with a map that spawn zombies constantly.

Host from home like I do, if you got a good PC and internet connection that is, well, PC or home server. Whichever works.

Don’t, it will be a pain for everybody who’s playing on it.

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I meant, using the same PC you play with

I disagree, there are plenty of communities out there who use a system where you can both earn and pay for certain services. This means that you can earn everything that you can pay for by behaving and being active etc.

On topic
You need to add more information and some better screenshots, also please change your avatar as using the default avatar gives the impression that you’re lazy.
Other than that, looks good.

I do that, and nobody experiences lag, if you have a single core for a processor, don’t use it on your PC.
I have a quad core processor, so not really a problem for me to host servers and play on it at the same time.

I have a 6 core proccesor overclocked to 4.2 ghz and I can’t handle 20 players, its based on internet connection.

Not true. With my current dedicate server host I barely ever ever go about 5 mb/s unless I’m downloading something on my dedicated server.