Zombie RP

There are already several zombie mods for gmod out there: ZombRP, Zombie Survival etc., but I do not believe there are any Zombie focused RP’s out there that are worthy of recognition. This is just a suggestion and people have probably brought it up before, but what about a 100% focused zombie rp?

[li]The zombies would be npcs only, no player could actually be a zombie.[/li][li]Zombies respawn constantly (not in waves)[/li][li]Would have some kind of rp core like cider or darkrp where you have to purchase weapons and ammunition.[/li][li]Can buy doors and spawn props that you can only move with gravity gun (no freezing props)[/li][li]Currency is just money or whatever[/li][li]No paychecks but for each zombie kill you gain a point where you would later trade them in to some npc that has bounties on all zombies.[/li][li]Doors could be destructible and broken down by zombies.[/li][li]Would be great if maps weren’t gloomy or old hospitals. Evocity Zombie RP would be really cool, or any other popular regular rp map.[/li][/ul]
There would only be one class, survivors. However, organizations could be made so that survivors can group up with friends and try to survive the apocalypse. Organizations would promote player vs. player (over locations, ammo, etc.) and player vs. zombies.

This suggestion may not be realistic as I am not really sure what is plausible with gamemodes, but anyone is willing to take these ideas and build off them or whatever. Again sorry if this has already been suggested 100 times.

I like the way you think.