zombie scene

so you know how in some point in half life 2, a zombie will continuely bang on the glass, is there a way i can do that in garrys mod?

No. :haw:

It is not possible without scripting it to. I have managed it in Hammer, its a scripted sequence entity that makes the zombie loop that animation until told to do something else. You would need to find a way of making it play the animation, you might be able to do it with a tool or Lua.

make a new npc in hammer? knocking zombie? it would be useless though

you really have no idea how source works do you

Machinima’s Civil Protection Halloween Safety had a fast zombie unseen, pound on a door constantly, until they open it up where they all get attacked by a horde.

If they can do it, so can you. I mean, I had a regular headcrab zombie wreck a working swing set on me in gmod, broke the rope, and wood splinted and went everywhere. IDK if its me, but occasionally, they seem to randomly wreck or toss stuff around. If using an npc animation/scene s tool, I thought there was something so zombies can swing fists, but I may be mistaken, if zombies can do dance and crouch and hold their heads in fear:

I don’t see why swinging fists is not an option.