Zombie Spinosaurus bites wires

Its dark cuz its night time


I like art palettes

Night =/= pitch black

You made it so dark it is impossible to tell what it is.

I see some sparks!

Well, the streetlights would have been on, but ahem

Points at zombie dino

What zombie dino? I don’t see anything.

Then you sir are blind.

Try looking at the pic from different angles. The dino is there, and it is biting wires, and it is pitch dark, adding to it’s stealth-like attack on the powerlines.

You shouldn’t have to look at a picture from different angles, you should be able to see it normally.

Also, how would the attack be stealth if the streetlights were on prior to the attack on the power lines? :smug:

This reminds me of the scene in the novel Jurassic park when they are trying to find out where a T-rex is, its also night time and theres a storm, but I just remember random things like that so yea.


Depends on the weather.

Inspired by that scene in Jurassic Park 2 where the Rex eats the dog.

Also this pick is dark, as it is by a lake, where the only light source is that small shack.

The spino is more visible now! and I <3 JP so I could get any references to the movies :smiley: looks good. The spino could use some rim lighting on the snout as well as the dog’s back area.

Dunno what rim lighting is :dance:


Its when all edges of a character that are exposed to light are brighter than normal
example: +crap gimp skills!


old one:


for a much better example take a good look at character models from team fortress 2 they are perfect examples of rim lighting.

A better example:


I take no credit I just played around with the tools in Gimp
hope you approve Dragoshi !! :smiley:
EDIT: its waaayyy too dark to notice some of the new things I put in. like brightness changes and lighting to make the dog and spino stand out in the all black n’ blue backdrop.

I kinda see what you did thar, thats a pretty cool technique! Can you link me to a rim lighting tutorial? I have a feeling that it’ll make my pics more "alive so to speak :slight_smile:

so far I have Mrwhitefolk’s tutorial, and a Shefing tutorial under my belt.

The Vman’s Gimp tutorial it covers everything you need to know. :slight_smile:
Gimp is a free download if you dont have it already.

It’s simply the best Gimp tutorial for Facepunch users.