Zombie standing around in the sewers

Hey there. I finally got photoshop but I cant handle it for shit.
Give me some good critism on how to improve. That would be nice.


The shading shouldn’t be so spread

Thx so thats what I hated about the shadows. Gonna use another brush next time.
Thx bodenlan.:smile:

The highlighting is quite excessive. It looks like artwork… I’m not sure if that’s what you were going for.

Was not. :frown:
Gonna use another brush next time.

Woah, this is so amazing. I love the lighting!


Artistic 4 U

Well that was unexpected

Thank you mate

Maybe lighter eyes would be better seeing as the face seems to be the bit the picture centers on.

Yeah with this dumb brush it got very dark.

Thx for commenting.

Looks pretty good, but I’m still waiting to see more epic stuff from you, instead of just one character.

Thank you Urbanator :smile:
Well my I dont know if im ready to do something bigger than just a close-up. You see I still have to learn how to handle photoshop.
But no worries I wont do this forever.

He is pretty shiny imo.

Yeah I realized.
Maybe because the shadows look like tint.

Seems pretty empty to the right.

And I really don’t like the lighting… Way too excessive.

His hair seems to have too much detail and my eyes keep being drawn to that area, I think it should match the soft lighting on his suit more.

Let the thread die please theres a much better image I made.

The zombies “shiners” seem to be the focal point of this picture and I don’t think that was intended. I don’t like the shadow cutoff at his waist but overall I like it.

what map is it?