Zombie Survival Coding?

Hey does anyone know how to code a zombie survival server, if so maybe you can help a noob like me, see i recently just downloaded Zombie Survival 2.1 by JetBoom… and i need to know 2 things 1) how do i get rid of the god damn waves and 2) how the hell do i put in an infliction bar so that zombies spawn on that instead.

  1. Don’t use V2 ZS
  2. No idea what you want.

WHat do you mean you have no idea what i want i said i need help getting rid of the waves on it and i cant use 1.11 zs because its gone forever no place has it. and i also said i need to know the lua for a Zombie Infliction Bar?

You won’t get help getting rid of waves. You’ll have to find V1.1


Mainly because its far too hard to remove waves from V2, much easier adding in V2 features to V1.1