Zombie Survival don't work?

Hello i have modificated Zombie Survival i downloaded it from the workshop, i extracted the .gma file with Gmodconv (i don’t know how its named) and now i extracted zombie survival the file is correct i renamed the info.txt as addon.txt and now i put it in gamemodes and it doesnt appear !

Solution ?


  • Le Flambikitue

ZS doesn’t have an info.txt since it’s not an addon.

Oh yeah but like i putted it in gmod/gmod/gamemodes/zombie survival doesnt show up in the list!

The zombiesurvival folder goes in the gamemodes folder. If that doesn’t work then you’re doing something wrong.

Dude like i haven’t touched anything it doesnt show up maybe is because the folder is called “Zombie Survival” do i need to stick it?

I don’t know what “sticking” implies but the folder is “zombiesurvival”, not “Zombie Survival”.

The gamemode name needs to be lowercase and no space or it won’t work.

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I think he means stick it as in put both words together.

It sounds like you extracted it with gma and plopped the entire thing in /gamemodes expecting it to work. Take every folder inside of “Zombie Survival” and put them in user/garrysmod/garrysmod/ and it’ll work.

Oh thanks ! also does somebody know how to do a VIP system for ZS? like some weapons are restricted to usergroup “vip” i use EVOLVE admin mod.

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Or to give away money ? like credits “coril”

You’d probably have to buy one, since they are usually quite time consuming to setup so communities usually buy their own. You can do this here.

Or you could just download that pointshop that someone on here made for free and released…not everything costs money you know.