Zombie Survival gamemode.

No. not PvP, hordes of npc zombies vs a whole server of People. i can see this working if i can get some good A.I nodes. What i really want to do though is attach Ai nodes to players thus making hiding and escape impossible. this will be a head crab zombie mode. if you have suggestion for anything or if this has already bin made tell me.

AI nodes are baked into the map, so you can’t attach them to players. The AI looks for and attack players anyway.

This has already been done, look for… uhh… deathlegends zombie survival or something like that. It’s basically PvE zombie survival.


Also see the Resident Evil gamemodes.

Also, I have seen many gamemodes with something like this. It has been done before, many times.

Try redead, don’t know if it exactly what you are looking for but maybe this will help