Zombie Survival help needed

I have a server running JetBoom’s Zombie survival gamemode (http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1160198). I also have a VIP rank set up with ULX (people purchase it so that I can pay for the server). I want it to where people in vip start with an extra weapon (weapon_zs_keyboard) and a little extra points to spend, as well as a little extra points earned for damage done (to get more buyers). I realize that some of this may be impossible to have done, but any of these would help.

You should just make a offer on this thread here, and not completely create a thread that will most likely not provide you any help.

Also adding incentive usually gets willing people to help, just a tip bro.

Why do you want to make your server have VIP that can give humans/zombies a slight advantage over free players?

It’s fucking retarded AND dumb.

Even the word VIP can tell me it is a bad fucking server like every single darkrp server.