Zombie Survival Interactive

Zombie Interactive, you decide, will you die or survive?

Cool oh ya and I could not handle it anymore so I killed myself. :slight_smile:

haha niceee. Try the other way next time different ending, suicide or (i shall not reveal ending 2)

i liked it makes me feel like making my own :3

Why thank you my good man. There may be more to come…

I could help out also :3 if you need help :3

The movie needs more story to it like a intro to why the Zombies are there like the Infection.

And why is there just random unter growling all the time when you fight the zombies?

I went more for the, he just woke up found the dead guys weapon and is surviving, like left4dead no real story.

Cuz theyre zombies, theyre angry, all the time.

Im more of a soloist, haha just kidding this is like the first thing ive ever done, ill let you know if you can help =P

Its caused by swine flu.

killing npcs…errors…fraps… sounds like someting a 9 year old could make, no offense

But you decide!

Nice, but hmm the Zombies are really dumb, u shoot them and they do nothing^^ oh and can you tell me the Song Names via PM?

Or give me a DL Link pls i like them.

In a Heartbeat- 28dayslater

Thanks Dude!

its actually multiple songs from The 28 Weeks later Soundtrack. There Franks Death (Soldiers Requiem), Go Go Go! Don Abandons Alice, and Walk to regents park i think?

Ha, im 12.

Someone make a better version of this, but credit the kid for his cool idea.


Double Agree. Lock it and someone make something better im a noob.