Zombie Survival Map Voting

I’ve posted this by mistake in Server Hosting Section, this is hopefully the correct place for this.

I’m hosting a Garry’s Mod Zombie Survival server but I am facing one problem…

Players can’t vote for the next map when the game ends and I get this:

:1: attempt to call global ‘OpenVoteMenu’ (a nil value)

How do I fix this? I know how to edit a lua file, please just tell me how to.

Did you use a leaked version? If so, it could be because Nox uses a global addon for that kinda stuff, and don’t put that in the public release. Although I haven’t downloaded the official version in a while so I guess I wouldn’t know. I just know Nox has their own set of custom addons for that kinda stuff.

The official release doesn’t have the addon, but the code still calls for it. Pretty sure it’s a Nox-exclusive.

Just don’t worry about it, mate.

Ok, thanks.