Zombie Survival Map WIP

I’ve been working on some concept maps lately for @dj-34 for a potential Zombie Survival game mode. I’ll post some updated pics in the replies. I’m currently working on two concept maps. One that is in an underground military bunker and another that takes place in a campground at night. I’m open to suggestions and ideas as well so please feel free to drop them below.

I’ve been learning Hammer for about a year now and would like to study more about game design since it’s been a very fun side hobby and I’d like to see that grow and where it goes in the future.

Currently I only have HLA assets so it may change visually down the road when I have custom textures to use

Check out the original forum post here: Zombie Survival

The idea is that the map will have zombies spawning from the forests out of sight. I also plan to add a lake but for the time being HLA does not have water assets to use but I’ll make do for now.


Woah! This looks so good! I like the big gorilla statue, nice touch lol

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Here’s a few more pictures of the rooms I’m decorating. I really love putting the props around and filling rooms up to make them more lively and give it a more personal touch. But I wanted to make small contained rooms for survivors to hold up in to give that barricaded feeling. There are several buildings you can see in the last photo that players can pick and choose which is best suited for them to hold up in. I plan on adding more and making a barracks room both beds and a possible shower building.


Thank ! I appreciate the compliment, I hope to make better maps in the future

Added a small cozy reading corner inside the main building and added a decent-sized playground/sandbox. Feel free to throw more ideas this way so I can implement them into the map.



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lookin good!


looks sick! hope the props are physical so they can be used for barricading :smile:


As of right now, they aren’t sure how barricading will work. Still figuring things out!

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Made a cute little watchtower with windows all around. To give some verticality to the map. I’ll probably be tweaking and adjusting parts of it over time.


Very sexy, some of the shots in the first post remind me of an old gmod zs map I can’t remember the name of

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It’s been a few days since I took a much-needed break from Mapping. However, I returned and added a nice 3D skybox with some hills topped with trees and mountains high in the background. 3D Skyboxes can really bring the map together and give it that feeling there’s more to the world outside the level. Was fun to make and I’ll make some tweaks to it over time. Let me know how it looks!

I also smoothed out the lake area so in the future I can add some water to it. As of right now, it’s a dry barren lake.


I really like the atmosphere and especially the Skybox. Keep up the great work!

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