Zombie Survival need help disabling model menu

Am currently working on a ZS (Zombie Survival) server and i am having a problem… I want to use pointshop 2 for playermodels and not F1 Model menu. So if somone knows how to disable F1 Model Menu in Zombie Survival please tell me.

Have you tried removing the model menu?

I would have if i knew where it was.

Link to the gamemode?

Pretty sure this is it

ok let me try delete it and i will see what happens

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ok so what happend now is that F1 dosnt work and it gives me this error:

[ERROR] LuaCmd:1: attempt to call method 'ShowHelp' (a nil value)
  1. unknown - LuaCmd:1

I only want the model menu to be gone/disabled not the whole F1

Try removing this

Until line 148

It removes the model button (if it leaves a gap, you can just place the last button there, I don’t know how it looks though)

it worked thanks!