Zombie Survival playermodels

So I’m using _undefined’s pointshop (cause I’m a noob) on my zombie survival sever. At first, I disabled playermodels for obvious reasons. But then I thought to myself “how funny would a kleiner rigged as a fast zombie be?” -very. But of course there is an issue. If you’ve got a playermodel equip, and you’re a headcrab, you become a T-posed floating kleiner. Which is funny, but also confusing. When you are a crow (spectator) your model doesn’t change. Is there a way I can apply that same thing to the headcrab? CLASS.IsHeadcrab or something is what I tried, but I fucked everything up. Any suggestions?

Kleiner isn’t really rigged to use zombie’s bones and such.

Not my point, but thanks for the helpful insight.

I swear, facepunch is super helpful sometimes, but every other time is this^