Zombie Survival Roleplay. Doing it right.

Well I have recently got the idea to do a realistic zombie roleplay based on the book “The Zombie Survival Guide” By Max Brooks. Here is a picture of the book if you’re interested The book basically describes what to do in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

The roleplay would run as this, You are a long time resident in Toronto. (Now depending on the server they join whether it is the suburbs/rural area or the inner city) a class three Zombie epidemic has been declared and the military has failed to contain the epidemic. You must roleplay through the following events (See Events Bellow, when the server is up there will be highly detailed weekly reports every week.) the server will evolve into a free roamish playground after 3 weeks of events. For most of the time you and your mates will be hiding in your house or barricaded area and roleplay according to the guides/rules (Ill add this to the thread based on feedback) this will have a lot of small group and one on one rping. in it witch I actually prefer.


~Week #1.
~Currency = Useable
~Vehicles = Usable, Traffic Jams.

-Day one, two and, three: People start going missing, schools start closing down. Homicides reported on the rise, consider buying supplies.

-Day Four, Five and, six: People are reported barricading into their houses. Firearms are very expensive and are now somewhat rare.

-Day Seven. Churches are not open for service. Police regularly patrolling streets. Gunfire very common.

~Week #2.
~Currency = unless you have a lot, Useless.
~Vehicles = Useless in the city - Abandoned cars.

-Day one, two and, three: food prices spike in the stores that still remain open. Fallout Shelters are now being occupied. Media Blackout. Gas Prices skyrocket to 3.93$ a Litre.

-Day Four, Five and, six: Majority of stores close with large roaming gangs of zombies roaming around the city, major highways close.

-Day Seven. All stores start to close. Rolling blackouts.

~Week #3.
~Currency = Completely useless.
~Vehicles = See Week 2.

-Day one, two and, three: All stores are abandoned. The police have gone silent, the military starts to arrive. Gas lines fail followed by plumbing and water lines.

-Day Four, Five and, six: Power fails in the city. Bombings in effort to quarantine the disaster have commenced isolating parts of the city together.

-Day Seven. Military forces try to fight off zombie mobs for the next week. Power is cut to the rural areas.

~Week #4.
~Currency = Completely useless.
~Vehicles = See Week 2.

-Day one, two and, three: Military defeated by massive hordes of zombies on third day, Small remnants remain. Looters becoming a common sight in malls.

-Day Four, Five and, six: Small amount of citizens band together to form a settlement in an abandoned school.

-Day Seven. All hell breaks loose, from this point on most documentation has been destroyed or lost.

“All hell breaks loose” What causes that to happen eh? Also, whats going on during that time.

Now TG makes another damn zombie server. Noes D;.

ur doing it wrong

Two week 2s.


Why exactly would there be a media blackout? Wouldn’t being able to watch the news be hugely useful? Just broadcast it from a city that hasn’t been attacked yet or a military outpost. (From a purely realistic point of view, I mean.)

I closed TG. This is honestly for the hell of it.


It basically is when the first 4 weeks end and all lines of defenses have failed. You live in a zombified world.

From a purely realistic view, a successful zombie outbreak makes no sense. Large masses of intelligent human beings with guns would wipe out the stumbling, unintelligent, unarmed, small number zombies before they even had a chance to infect a large number of people. As a wise man once said “biting is a shitty way to spread a virus.” Realism ruins the fun of the game. Just go with it.

One very important question. L4D typed or Dead Rising typed zombies ? You know they both need to be in quantites. GMod cant hand 500 zombies. Infact it cant hande 50 zombies. Impossible.

Can’t handle 50 zombies? I think you need a new computer, as my laptop can handle that just fine.

my pc comes close to being able of handling 200 zombies.

EDIT: my gmod started lagging at ~175 and crashed at 219 fast zombies.

I can handle 800 because of my cpu, not the point. They aren’t going to be hl2 zombies they are just gonna be your basic shambler like mentioned in the book I am basing it off of. I actually have some scripted ones around that perform well.

there will be an admin that acts as the director does in l4d IE: Place items to scavenge and spawns small gangs of zombies

There will be zombies roleplayed too however.

Sounds interesting how long till this server is up?

next monday (I hope)

ok nice. but one question, What kind of cpu do you have then? because I’ve got a intel i5 750 @ 2.76GHz(quad core)

My computer handles alot of zombies, i haven’t really count how many. Anyway, this reminds me of Severance alot.

All this sounds pretty interesting, but are you sure you’re not trying to advertise that book?
Because i totally want to read it now.

So, do you want to pass on any information on the script you’re using perhaps?

Sometimes im surprised at what threads can turn into here on facepunch, i did not expect this to be a discussion about how many zombie’s your computer can run at once.

Script: Tiramisu schema made for us by the original creator with many features
My Cpu: Intel 980x Extreme Edition Desktop Processor (6 Core)

Back on topic please.

So what would you do after week 4?

I would like to play something like this. I don’t think your server will be popular enough for me to have fun.

popularity =/= gameplay.


Hopefully you would start a small town or colony a far distance away from civilized areas