Zombie Survival RP

I was thinking about a zombie survival game whit Rp elements. Different skills,Stamina,hunger and thirst. This mod would also have day and night at day you gather supplies,build barricades,search for people of other bases,Grow plants,sleep,and buy supplies. It would have 2 kind of people Those who gather supplies and then sell them,fix base and grow food and the ppl that sleep at day,and get ready for the night when they have to protect the base while the workers sleep or fix the fort. The zombies would be slow but some of them could run or use knifes and such at day they cant attack they just wander around.

Sounds a little bit like Zombified World. Keep an eye on the thread over the next few months, eventually the new version will be ready and running.



Gamemode is nearing the finish should be out in the next month or so

I’d like some more news on this. I’d like a decent Zombie RP gamemode too.

Hmm reminds me of STALKER games… maybe it’s cus im playing Clear Sky, or beacuse i had the idea of making Zombie RP In Downtown RP, The perfect place! Just make people to spawn in the underground trains area, so the surface will be too dangerous to be hanging in there and people will be living in colonies underground, with thrist, food, sleeping, and other needs. This should be very epic but can be booring ( i mean, living underground + peacfully = NOT! )

We did zombie RP on a downtown server, players spawned the same place but with fences keeping the zombies out and leading the survivors to a small safe haven near the trainyard. It was cool

in every zombie gamemode there must be a safe haven for every survivor unless you like killing zombies 24/7

especially for Zombie RP gamemodes

yes and i hate having to be restricted to one map all the time man i wish the map were connected

holy shit brainstock looks epic, much better than zombified world

I disagree with “Safe Havens”. All safe houses should be able to be broken into, so players can’t just sit on top of their safehouse, and shoot zombies for shits ‘n’ giggles.