Zombie Survival (Zwonder 4) Work In Progress

Some of you may of heard of Zwonder Ops (Hated by all COD fans). And/or heard of Zwonder 3, which this is the sequel.

If you have no idea what Zwonder 3 is, watch this video (Showing off 1 of 6 modes).

Zwonder 4 (Before):




Zwonder 4 (After):



Tell me what you guys think, suggestions? Criticism?

Don’t you have like 6 threads about this project?

anyways. I think I liked it dev textured than I do with the textured version. Not sure why.

Please, this isn’t part of the Bourne series. Less camera shake.

Also, the lights are all white, its boring.

I had 2 other seperate threads somewhat linked to the progress to this thread. (Ship ideas, and star feedback).

The Dev textures are clean and their color theme is neater.

I hope he’s not intending on keeping the dev textures though.

Add a tiny blue tint to the lights, make the area feel cold and lonely, perfect for sudden zombies