Zombie Survival

:wave: Hey!
Me and @Danon are huge fans of ZM, so we decided to make Zombie Survival gamemode for S&box.
Our goal is to make a pleasant and playable gamemode, the successor of zombie modes from CS 1.6 and Garry’s mod, we want to transfer the most memorable and interesting mechanics from there and add a lot of ours.
We would really like to get into Early Access so that we can start development as soon as possible and have a little more time before game release.
The main setting will be in the Half Life: Alyx universe
(this is the easiest choice for us at the moment, but there is still time to change our mind).

At the moment we have already done:

:heavy_check_mark: Some custom music and sound effects.
:heavy_check_mark: SCSS based animated interfaces in very alpha version.
:heavy_check_mark: A plan for what is required for gamemode.
:heavy_check_mark: Some solutions for the future issues that we could confront with.

We are skilled in backend, programming, sound design, mapping and texturing, but we can’t do all that needed for good gamemode, so we are looking for enthusiasts with any knowledge of:

  • Modeling
  • Animating, rigging
  • SFX design
  • Level design
  • Source Film Making (just for 1 or 2 animations and posters)
  • Frontend/UI developer

Beginners in these spheres are also welcome, the main thing is that you should like your activity!

Contact with us:
[Discord]: dj-34#8247
[E-mail]: northfallprod@gmail.com

This post will be updated along the way of our development!

Our site: https://fades.pw/ (temporarily suspended)
Gamemode Discord: https://discord.gg/pTJEtEC5cN


Super excited to hear more! cant wait.

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I was thinking of also remaking zombie survival in S&Box when it came out though in a slightly different way.
I will like to see how you guys remake your own version of zombie survival in S&Box!


Considering you’re not NoxiousNet / JetBoom good luck with stealing someone else’s IP.

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:thinking: huh?

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Look, I’m a criminal now!


still reserves all rights to his IP as the creator and can take down any s&box servers he doesn’t like, so point still valid.

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It will be cool if these kinds of gamemodes are highlighted on S&Box, so the same pattern doesn’t repeat itself like on Garry’s Mod where RP mode copies are the majority.

  1. you just throw crazy stuff here
  2. we do not use and will use any of his code in our gamemode
  3. it’s terribly outdated
    please stop writing for fun

No one can take down your server for having zombies in it. Don’t worry.


Ive licensed my cock for him to suck. Fuck me…


Good luck with this project! As a huge ZS and ZM fan, I really hope you can make something interesting out of it :slight_smile:


Your thread title is literally called Zombie Survival which is intellectual property owned by somebody else and your goal is to recreate it; it doesn’t matter at all that you won’t use his lua code which obviously will not work in sandbox, you’re still stealing someone else’s IP without permission which is at worst a crime and at best lazy and shameful.

There are endless threads like this with everyone trying to ‘gold rush’ stealing popular gamemodes like GMod Tower, Sass, ZS, Starwars RP (which is its own legal nightmare with Disney’s IP), etc. It’s frankly disgusting to see the lack of originality and creativity.

Also, just because Layla is all ‘clouted up’ with TEAM_GARRY, i wouldn’t take their advice as solid legal advice nor factual simply because of status.


This is easily solved by just calling it something else. Thankfully you can’t really copyright game mechanics.


Very interesting, so who is that “someone” that owns intellectual property of Zombie Survival? Or where I can find any legal notes proving that some individual has rights to own it?


He didn’t say what the name of the gamemode would be. The guy just wants to make a fun zombie survival game. Good luck with your project.

If I made a zombie gamemode I’d call it “Zombies n Stuff” Feel free to use it, I wont call the police.


bad provocation, try again


Me: Looking at the synonyms for the word survival

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Guys I came up with a new one. Zombie Survivance :grin:


Are any of these his trademarks? If no, then what say does he have in what other people name their mods?

You also conveniently skipped the part where the creator of Zombie Survival is fine with derivative works as long as it doesn’t generate revenue from selling game stat boosting advantages without the author’s approval.

2. You may freely copy, distribute, create derivitive works and distribute derivitive works of the Content as long as you obey the License and the License is not Modified. [Feel free to make edits.]

3. You will not Modify the Content in such a way that it will, directly or indirectly, generate revenue without explicit, written permission from the Author. CLARIFICATION: This clause does not include cosmetic features such as hats, PointShop, etc. as long as it is not possible to purchase gameplay advantages. [For example: it is not allowed to make it so you can pay to have extra health, points, speed, etc. It is allowed to have revenue-generating addons that offer only cosmetics or features that do not change the gameplay.]