Zombie Survivial rp spawning code

Edit: its a zombie spawning code!

Edit2: Now i need a code to link a npc shop to a npc :stuck_out_tongue: please tell me if anyone has one!

hi. I am currently making a zombie survivial gamemode, using the default npc system, i ran into a problem tho while making the npc code for spawning, I don’t have one… and i need one badly, i need help with a code to make the original zombie npc spawn at a spawn point every 5 seconds. I can attemp to figure out the spawning, i know how to use the X, Y, Z location points, i know this is probily simple, but im partialy new to lua :D. And i need to know where to put this code at (zombie_rp/folder/folder again if needed/lol.lua).

Thanks in advance :smiley: