Zombie torch

How did they make the zombies in episode one light up the area like a torch? They couldnt have used light_dynammic with onignite outputs on them because headcrabs that fell off of dead zombies ALSO lit up.

What’s going on here guys?


Fire = Not dynamic? If you light up a zombie, it will glow.

Sorry I wasn’t very specific about the dynamic. I meant they couldn’t have parented a “light_dynamic” to the zombie then set it to turn in when the zombie is ignited, is there a cpp script or something in ep1 with an env_global setting or something like that? I want hallway lighting, flaming, and flesh tearing zombies too! D:

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I mean this is for the PC version of ep1 running in the ep1 engine, not ob… it lights up with a dynamic lighting system… HOW?

I lie.

It is probably in the raw coding of the engine, where if item/person > igntes/gets on fire > start glow or what ever and have it be blocked by world geomtry

But it doesn’t do that for my maps in ep1 T.T

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Really guys come on i want to know this so i can make a suparh scary map! :3:



It’s coding in the engine, it creates a dynamic light (incode) when they are on fire.

Then as i said, why won’t it do it on MY maps!?

Compile them under the EP1 engine IN EP1.


i dont understand do you mean “I want to set zombies on fire and when they do, i want them to glow!”?

If so parent a light to them or something with a fire sensor and a few outputs.

(wild shot in the dark)

Add output > On sense fire > Ligh01 > Enable
Add output > On NPC death > Light01 > Disable > 5.0

(I didn’t add the output names, i think you can figure it out :razz:)

It’s coded into the game. Was coded alongside the flares. Should work in ep2 still.

It’s some cl_fire_dynamic or something, I’ve only tested it in episode two though


sorry was a little confused, didnt read it fully

im not the best at mapping but i just thought it would work :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m Running Half-Life 2: Episode One on maximum settings and on a custom map with very little lighting, and a chance to ignite some zombies. Why wont they light up the surrounding areas with a yellowish glow of doom?

It’s scripted into env_flare. Use it for the effect.

There’s a console command for it as of OB engine.
For Ep1, does it only happen in the dark tunnel levels? If so, then you may need to use that “map is dark” setting.