Zombie walking trough the empty streets

Yeh that fucker is making pictures again


too saturated for my tastes


and blurry

That zombie appears to be casting ambient shadows on the building behind him. Did you forget to isolate?

Otherwise, the lighting looks pretty nice.

Saturated ok but why blurry?

Also thanks V-Man. Yeh I didnt isolate this time.

I like the posing, and saturation looks good to me.
Added as a backround.

Some texturing would have made this close up better.

Smallest. Tie. Ever.


I like this alot, although the neck seems kind of weird.

Good job.

I like it!

I like his thick neck.

Good work, althrough, next time, isolate.

Good light as I come to expect from you. Love the eyes. Have art.

Thanks Bro :buddy:

God-damn you, Combine.


You missed an “h” in the word “through”. Nice picture though.

Meh too late to change title. Thanks for telling me though wont make that mistake again.



You don’t make enough of these Combine.