Zombie Waves Custom Map

This is a map that I’ve made for the new Garry’s mod 13 zombie wave survival game-mode

This is a link to the game-mode thread " http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1210699 "

Here are a few pictures of the map, keep in mind that this isn’t a in depth or highly detailed map
it is just a basic map with a spawn point for players, a spawn point for zombies, and a bunker in the middle

The player spawn room.

Spawn room.

Spawn room from outside.

One of the 4 zombie spawns.

The bunker in the middle of the map.

The bunker from a different angle.

OK :smiley: that is it for the pictures I hope you all like it!
Please comment your thoughts on the map and any suggestions you may have!


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Needs far more detail. Pipes, rubbish, benches, tables, anything to give it more life. Your lights need a source too, and colour the light, no light is white.

Your environmental lighting is very dull as well, consider finding a skybox you like on skylist and setting the lighting up accordingly.

Yea this map did not have a whole lot of lighting put into it I put the 1 light in the spawn and 1 in the bunker, but this is a first version of a quick map I did, it still has a few ruff edge’s but after a while they will smooth-en out, I am going to make it a night time(as its a zombie map and I like it night :P)
but I will try to add all those things you mentioned in later versions of the map

Thank you for the suggestions :smiley: ,
they help me know what I should and shouldn’t add to the map.

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and also, I tried putting a different skybox on the map and it did not change, I changed it to a night sky

Did you add the full name to Map > Map Properties?

yea I put the full name, and then I tested it and it did not change

For example: sky_borealis01

The one I used was : sky_day01_09 :

put “_hdr” at the end, doesnt stretch it downwards horribly

Ok, thanks