Zombiefied World

Ok so i finaly got every thing working, (execpt the gamemode), i have done every thing correctly, i have tested to make sure. When i load the gamemode in single player it works just fine. Then when i try and put it on a dedicated server it says

Could not include file 'ZombiefiedWorld/gamemode/init.lua' (File Not Found)
********COULDN'T LOAD GAMEMODE********

There was a problem Opening the gamemode file 'ZombiefiedWorld/gamemode/init.lua'

Note: Fizzaddar sorted his gamemode into folders as so ZombiefiedWorld/gamemode/server
ZombiefiedWorld/gamemode/client The init.lua and cl_init.lua are in just ZombiefiedWorld/gamemode


Just to show u. The link above.



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Cmon, what happened, people were sad to see it go, now no one wants to help bring it back?

It’s because of your stupidity. The file “Init.lua” doesn’t exist.

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It probably needs to be in one of those folders.

Look at the freakin picture. Idiot. It does exist.

“ZombiefiedWorld” should be spelled as “ZombifiedWorld” (implied by the gamemode’s folder name).
Remove the extra ‘e’ and you should be fine.

The folder name actually counts to if the gamemode functions or not?

Stick init.lua into the server folder (if that doesn’t work, then put it in shared), and cl_init.lua into the client folder, then try it out. All I know is that those two files shouldn’t be in the root gamemodes folder.

Also nofear, you are no help here.