ZombieLife.org gaming | PVP & PVE, Sleepers disabled, rare supply drops! | Active & friendly admins | Public TS3:

**ZombieLife.org gaming.

** Small mistake in the title: sleepers are DISABLED on this server **

**Hello everybody.
I’d like to invite you to check out our new Rust server. We’re trying to keep a balanced PVP/PVE environment on the server, but we will never disable or ban PVP from the server. Sleepers are disabled from the server and supply drops are done rarely and only dropped when called in by an admin! Supply drops are rarely to prevent too much C4 coming in the game.

Our admins will never use admin items, spawn in items or abuse their powers.

We support teamplay on our server. We’ve opened a public teamspeak that can be used by anyone. The Teamspeak 3 IP is: Need help with anything? Our community members and staff are active on the teamspeak and always willing to help you out!

How to connect to the Rust server:

  1. Start up Rust and press ‘F1’ to open the console when ingame.
  2. Write or paste this: ‘net.connect’ and press ‘Enter’.
  3. You’ll now connect to the server, enjoy your stay!

Please visit our website as well, http://zombielife.org or like us on Facebook or maybe hit the ‘Follow’ button on Twitter?

Server was automatically updated to the latest Rust version, enjoy.

We’re hoping to implement Rust++ soon.

why server isn’t on?