ZombieRP Help Me Please!

Hello, and I’ve been looking at an issue in my server what a few users suggested me to do but I have not the slightest knowledge on how to do it. Basically when NPCs get killed they leave a dead cropses on the ground and I was wondering is it possible to make they go away in “x” seconds. If anyone could help me with this i’d be very grateful on the other hand doing this will make the server look more neat and boot down on lag.

Personally I use

There’s some options you can use, I haven’t really looked into the coding and looked at what could be done but it cleans up Dead NPC’s.

Oh, And you have to select the option for it to clean-up first but it (should) work!

I’ll give this a try, thanks!

Just add a hook for when an entity dies, add a timer, then delete it’s ragdoll?