ZombieRP, Stranded, DarkRP, TerrorTown, FloodMod, Deathrun, Assassination + More!

www.Rapture-Gaming.com Presents! > UnderDone

Description: A brief RPG gamemode with zombies, plenty of weapons, quests and a full level XP System. Very fun and enjoyable > Terror Town

Description: A great fun gamemode, find out whos the traitor. Can it be you? Come check us out and lets see :) > Stranded

Description: Struggle to Survive in Garry's Mod Stranded as you need food, water, shelter and some sleep to survive. Watch out for enemies. > Floodmod

Description: Can you build it? This gamemode is to test your mind and your physics. Will your boat float? Can you shoot fast enough to eliminate the other boats? Join us and see :) > DeathRun

Description: Can you make it to the end and earn the title of DeathRun Champion? Test your skills and join us and you may win a prize. > DarkRP

Description: With Plenty of Jobs, New Code, More Printers, More Weapons, More fun. Join our DarkRP today. > Assassination

Description: As many people may recognize this gamemode, Yes its from Fretta! Have fun shooting other players and showing your skills! > ZombieRP

Description: A mixture of DarkRP with many jobs, and some zombies + a huge payday when you shoot them zombies up. Who can survive the longest? Who Knows. Check out Zombie Survival Roleplay @ The IP Above.

All Ports are 27015.

Want a new gamemode hosted? We have plenty of ROOM for more servers! Post Below :frog:

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Donations are appreciated, and with over 100 donator benefits between all the servers, $5 does alot!

Is it just me or is there an overkill amount of servers here?

There is. More servers, more fun.

Not necessarily, personally i would prefer one really fucking awesome server, than a bunch of mediocre ones.

DarkDM :slight_smile:

…So, not every server has to be serious RP :colbert:

zombie rp server is down?

and why does it say PERP on the forums?

Investigating the zombie server being down…

Edit: Memory reference error, fixing.

Falloutmod. Although apparently the current version is broken, I’m undertaking the laborious task of redoing it.

We need an advanced lua coder - PM me if you wish to apply. Incentives and Cash are involved.

Thank you :slight_smile: seems like a nice community.

All servers are down until further notice, Dedicated box issue.

The servers where restored a while ago, forgot to post.

We now are setting up a BaseWarz Server :slight_smile: It should be done in 4-5 days!

 be on the look out

Sounds amazing actually.

Our other coder started school, There may be a delay to the basewars server, as of now, the zombierp server is very popular. Join it :smiley:

Holy SHIT that’s allot of servers.

There’s more than that :slight_smile:

Woot, huge network, i wanna try stranded, sounds fun:)

^ fail i meant…

Do you need a domain, or an SMF forum or so?

So many servers, It isnt going to get off the ground.