ZombieRR Job Ideas?

Close this please

my question has been answered

You should let people make their own jobs.

This is Amerika, you dont get to choose

yea that would be a cool idea…

I don’t get the point of this thread

the point is some help with jobs simply because i would rather ask people than just doing things myself then alot of people not liking them.

Why is this in the Lua Scripting section when you just want ideas?

you can read? if you dont want to read anything that has to do with job ideas simply dont click on it this is not hurting you at all?

Well, can you ? I just asked why this was in the Lua scripting section when this isn’t related to Lua at all.

creating jobs doesn’t involve lua? simply don’t click a link if you have nothing to say about it? i know this is slowly killing you but your just going to have to deal with it aren’t you?

So you’re saying I can lace you place of living with mines and bear traps then tell you “just don’t stand on them and they won’t hurt anyone”?

i wish you made sense my friend anyways someone close this thread seeing as how we have Bear hunter here slowly loosing his life over a forum post.

No srsly dude you could get banned for this. Read the stickies and shit next time.

ok thanks for being cool about it

im trying to enjoy my extremely radioactive isotope in your hospital room. i know you’re slowly dying of radiation poisoning just deal with it