Zombies After The Last Survivor Of This Town

Took me a little while but I’m done.
This one took more than 10 mins.
The weapons used are from a swep pack I got off garrysmod.org.

Hope you like.

Posing on zombies is a little awkward.
A fair attempt.

Other than some of the zombie poses, it’s not bad.

For some reason I don’t know why, but the ragdolls were stiff so I couldn’t do much with them.
You could bend high but not the other one.


Does some one know some other zombies ragdolls I can use?

You could’ve maybe used a different model for the survivor. The HL2 rebels are pretty crappy.

multiple angles of the same scene is boring…1 good angle is enough

Pretty good posing on the rebel.

Idea was good, however you need to work on poses. Practice a little more and remake it.

I used the Arctic rebel made by bloocobalt



Anti lasting should do the trick, good picture.

shooter pose is good
but zombies are very draft, what’s going on over there?

mommy, why is the zombie having buttsekz with that car?

zombie ragdolls were stiff sorry :frowning:

Lol zombie getting shot in the second one is like ‘Whats your problem?’.
And yes the zombie looks like he was having butt sex and the zombies looks all the same.
How many people in one town is male, wears the same jacket and is bald?

only ones i had
i didnt want to use the half-life original zombies
do you know where to get some

Posing isn’t that good and to get a real feel of panic you would need to add about… 30 MORE zombies. As it is he could just kill them all or just run away.

Right now I don’t have a good graphics card so I can’t.

add more zombies he could do a big jump of teh car

Did you just bump this to post that (boring) picture? again?