Zombies and Combines

Something i made today for practising.



Posing is really nice actually.

The posing is a little awkward with the running subject’s wrists being contorted in bone-breaking angles. The angles aren’t very good.

Notice some clipping too
No fingerpose?
Otherwise, looks decent.
Also, look at the fat zombies arms.

I like the motion blur, and the posing is quite decent. I recommend using some custom ragdolls and skins–using only default ones is a bit boring.

The legs of the combine which is getting rushed by the Fast Zombie are a bit stiff, the are almost completely straight, I would try maybe bending one a bit and placing it closer to the ground.

Also, remember to pose everything, because as Caboose just said, the wrists of the Elite Combine on the ground look really weird, and the pose he’s on makes it look like you just throw him on the ground and placed a headcrab on his head.

And maybe trying to add more stuff in the scene so it doesn’t look so empty, and it helps to make the map less bland; anything can help, like a table with ammunition, some trash or a couple of boxes in the corner, anything that fits the scene.

By the way, the motion blur is not bad, looks nice.

Keep on rolling.

Hm… I dont even remember why i left the pose so unfinished. :confused:


Thanks anyways.