Zombies are gone... Replaced with?

Confirmed next update zombies are getting taken out. Any thoughts on replacement?


My initial guess is that they are just going to have the regular animals basically absorb the zombie loot tables into their own, but the number of items relating to “generic” spawns (as well as it just not really making sense for pigs and wolves to be carrying blueprints and ammo) do suggest that they’ve added something else.

Hopefully it is something that has both a melee and a ranged version to make things a bit more interesting.

They are going to be replaced with super deadly mutant chickens! http://www.facepunchstudios.com/2013/09/04/fluffy-chickens-for-everyone/

Well I would love to see mutated wildlife, because imho it would fit perfectly in Rust. Dangerous chickens or other animals would be really neat.

And I’m excited to see how we can get the “goodies” ( Blueprints, weapons, research kit) when the zombies are gone.

they will be replaced with flowers and love!!!

I hope they replace it with mutants, or mutant animals, some kind of good mobs as I feel this is deferentially needed to keep things interesting. I would also like to see random rare mobs spawn that have better loot tables that can spawn anywhere on the map. This will make exploring a little more exciting. It would also be really neat if they had random large herds of mutants spawn(15-20) and stay together and chase after anything in sight when server populations got to higher number.

So say when a server population hit 25 or 50 it would trigger the ability for the herd to randomly spawn somehwere

Just an idea. I really like the random hunting of zombies to get goodies/loot and think it adds a nice component to the game in between raiding / PVP

Don’t forget the mutated deer!

Gay bears that will butt rape you to death.

Well I actually like this idea, because it would add a new danger from the environment. Don’t get me wrong, I like danger of PvP and players will always be the biggest danger, but imagine running in a herd of mutant animals in pitch black after a loot run.

Yeah exactly :slight_smile: PVP will always be the heart ponder and the most dangerous aspect of the game, but it’s always nice when there are some other elements you have to be worried about or use to your advantage. Like if the hoard is chasing you lure it over to a persons base and use it to your advantage. Or the OHHH crap moment when one gets a sight of you at night after a raid or a loot run and its chasing your team down. Plus if you saw a team in trouble by a herd or a rare mob you are always prompted with the moral decision to either help and make new allies, or seize the moment :slight_smile:

You always need a distraction away from the PVP or a healthy mix from time to time otherwise you just get burn out or it just turns into a full out FPS.

And then there’s this horrifying creation:

Put bots of military soldiers who shoot on sight

I already posted this…

How would the player differentiate between them and other players w/ kevlar + milspec weapons?

They are being replaced with 1,000 Garry Newman’s across the map and when you aggro them, they chase you around saying, “This is Alpha. Stop whining. This is Alpha. Stop whining.”

I’d like indigenous tribal raider gangs that aggressively come down from mountains howling and swinging axes, like in Red Faction - Guerrilla.

You don’t and that’s the point. You wouldn’t know unless they spoke or didn’t act like a bot.

Imagine it:

Sitting in your small shack in the midst of the night.
You hear walking.

Slowly, step by step, getting closer to your shack.

Then you hear it:
The gorilla makes it’s distinctive call.

Then, before you know it, it’s pounding against the outside of your shack and it’s damaging it.

Or imagine being chased through a forest by a gorilla at night.

Just something silly my friend and I thought up.

This isn’t cod.

Raiders that roam around. Busting into houses taking loot and killing people they see would be wicked.

I like it.