Zombies As A Server Option

I originally started playing rust because there was zombies in the game. Anyway to have it as a server option?
Also can we have our backpacks like doors, so if we die, a friend can pick up our loot without a lockpick?

They really hated having zombies in the game. I don’t think they’re gonna give you the option.

Why did they hate em anyway? :confused:

Because Rust isn’t a DayZ clone. It started as one, but the devs decided they weren’t satisfied with that and wanted Rust to be more.

That means zombies go out the window.

Okay but it should be allowed for the server owners to decide this, cmon this is from the maker of a game of freedom Gmod.

Let us be free, let some servers keep the zombies I say it wouldnt hurt anyone, and keep both sides happy.

Why ruin some peoples fun just so “we are not asscosiated with zombies” Why the extreme zombie hate, I really do not understand…

Rust is not Gmod. Keeping zombies in would mean supporting zombies.

Why would the devs support something they don’t want? It takes actual work to test these things and make sure they don’t break the game. Saying “It wouldn’t hurt anyone” is proof you don’t know what you’re talking about and can be safely ignored.

If you think of it as “ruining some peoples’ fun,” alpha games are not for you and you should check back in with Rust in six months.

Zombies are really shitty anyways as enemies

I love all the people complaining and demanding they put them back as this isn’t the game they purchased, dont they realize it’s an ALPHA build and you basically paid to be testers? Which means you deal with what’s there, what was removed, and what’s bugged. Don’t demand your money back because you feel jaded over the devs taking something away that they’ve said they NEVER WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Just a question is it possible to have a steam workshop for rust? full of server mods/plugins.

If that were to happen at all, considering how server-side mods are handled right now, it might happen in the distant future, like a year from now or further on, unless modding support picks up radically this year.

Just pretend the bears are big furry growling zombies. That’s what I do.

-snip, not sure if considered image macro or not-