Zombies attacking a Evac site. -WID

I did this picture a while ago, and I just recieved the edited version, hence the late thread.
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Thanks to Cheese Curls for the sexy editing.

Rick, Every single Screenshot you make is so fucking amazing.

you magnificent fjord bastard

Thanks man, that really makes the time spent on them feeling worth it.

Also Zerax I’m crossing your border sometime soon to purchase all the tobacco and alcohols I can find.

what, why? everything is shit expensive here. lol you guys must have it really shit if the tobacco and alchohol is cheaper in sweden

we get all our shit from germany, tax FREE BITCHES

them zombies are in the wrong nieghborhood

try making some actual muzzleflashes next time curls

nice prop setup i’d say

i’ll admit, i got lazy on the muzzleflashes, i didn’t want to search for the effects in my browser

IMO The motion blur on the zombies is WAY too high. I really love the posing, though <3

Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s a lot more zombie pictures around here than there usually is? Regardless, I like zombie pictures, and I love this one!

Perhaps, most of my good poses are zombie related anyways. Thanks for the comment.

you mean you would have used somes tock effects and copypasted them? tut tut

the best way to make a muzzleflash is to draw one. can’t? practice makes perfect