Zombies Chillin' in the Warm Glow of a Fire


Posing on the one to the right and the one to the left looks kind of weird, otherwise it looks good.

Damn, I like it! This is the way the ‘‘Regular’’ zombies should be posed. I don’t like that red-ish light, but yeah, it looks cool.

Ellis as a zombie eh… Nice light. Glow from the fire is well done. Art is given. What model is the female zombie?

The lighting is good but the contrast is too high I think

She and the two dead guys by her feet are from the RE1 remake. I don’t remember what pack I got her from though.

Yeah, I can see that. Strangely enough, I actually didn’t mess with the in-game post-processing at all. The map had built in filters and stuff which I just saw as less work for me.

o ya look at dem legs

Good angle but the idea is a cliché and the contrast is messed up. You also need to work on the posing, real zombies would never move like that.

Real zombies:smug:

George A. Romero’s zombies.

I though that was what you meant. I know his zombies are seen as the standard on zombie behavior. I for one find them a bit dull.

How dare you.

They’re not moving, they’re just kinda standing around. I based their idle poses off of Dead Rising and Resident Evil.

Wait… Chilling in fire?



I kinda like the way they’re standing, but don’t like the contrast really.