Zombies closing in on New Born soldiers. -WID



Editing by Hunter.
Original: http://filesmelt.com/dl/nmo_broadway00022.jpg

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The light from the muzzleflash is really bright considering the overall brightness of the picture, there’s a weird looking whiteness to the hands on the bodies and what is with the guys expression on the bottom left?


I like the posing on the zombies, but the soldiers (particularly the running dude on the far right) look kind of off.

the ambiance fits so well, bravo!

I don’t quite see what you mean with off, care to elaborate a bit more?

And if you can’t tell “whats with guy’s expression on the bottom left?” hm, he looks kinda of scared, unless he’s yawning. And it might have something to do with the zombies approaching him? Take a guess.

And yeah the hands are annoying, I can’t do shit about that though, sadly.

It looks exaggerated, I know there’s a Zombie right next to him, but I’ve never seen anyone pull a face like that in Zombie Movies.

Okay zombie movies is not exactly what I compare facial expressions too, anyways its a minor thing.
Thanks for commenting on it though.

I mean, the running guy looks more like he was running in to help his buddies, then he stepped in something unpleasant, and now he’s trying to wipe it off on the ground as he walks. It just looks like he’s forgotten how to use his right leg or something.

Well if thats what you see, for my part I see a guy running, captured in motion. Thanks for picking up on that though.

Duuuuude. Your posing gets better and better. I just used these Spetsnaz soldiers in a picture of mine and their hands fucking suck. haha. shrink them a bit and i think they look less like gorilla hands. Also, they like to pick up any shine they can, so you gotta edit afterwards and darken them. I just try to make them look like they have gloves on. But since they are zombies you could just say their hands are white from lack of blood flow? And for the love of God, RELEASE THE COMIC!!!