Zombies cod waw STYLE

so a zombie survival game mode themed like nazi zombies from call of duty world at war ill make a proof of concept as a game save using npc spawners wire and phx hopefully we can eventual make it a fully functional game mode
Thoughts criticism and ideas welcome just no trolls plz


ok did some snooping found and old thread bout one in progress but im still going to make my proof of concept

Another ideas vs a full gamemode project is we make the unique pieces as an entity like a random box were u take the weapons and drop them in the box to add them to it and swep spawners that is a stool so u pick the weapon and its price the doors could be a new door stool where u can turn open and close on and off and there prices as well as link/wire them to the npc spawners to tigger the spawner when the door is opened or closed and the Windows can be simple entities as well that u link the npc to so instead of making maps in an editor people can make them as game saves or simply as server fun!

You could seem like you’re playing the CoD WaW Nazi Zombie’s gamemode when you’re play a CoD map on Gmod witch they do have and playing the regular gamemode Zombie Survival.

if u can provide me with a link id be vary grateful otherwise ill just continue on my flat grass edition

I had an Idea like this lol. All you need is some zombies that can jump over the walls and a good server for no lag with the NPC good luck

yeah thats pretty much it that and integration although through some thinking i personally like my mod idea over the gamemode one


zombies done and the sweps r too now just the box weapon spawners points and round system

ok so i was thinking ill dig a lilttle into my call of duty files and see if i can extract the models and import them to gmod if so then i just need one hell of a lua coder to help me make the models into functioning sents