Zombies don't take damage

I own a 6 slot server running ZombieRP and not matter what i do My Zombies don’t do damage.

I checked EVERY setting. I even allowed all onto my Prop Protection.

I tried spawning them on sandbox and still no damage.

What do i do?

"sk_zombie_dmg_one_slash" = "10" ( def. "0" )
"sk_zombie_dmg_both_slash" = "25" ( def. "0" )

So, in autoexec.cfg,

sk_zombie_dmg_one_slash 10
sk_zombie_dmg_both_slash 25

And so on for each kind of zombie and whatever else.

I remember dedicated boxes having this problem a while back, never knew if it was fixed or not.

Might not be the exact problem, but I had it a while back and this fixed it.

Mine is called /orangebox/garrysmod/cfg/server_cfg.txt

so in there?

I’m sorry, I’m “server illiterate” i can everything expect operate a server, i would appreciate it SO much if you
could type up all the lines cause i really don’t wanna fuck up my server.

Is it just normal zombies that you are using, or also fast/zombine/poison?

im using Fast/Poison/Normal/+All Headcrabs


Yeah I have the same problem.

this sucks :<

Dedicated servers don’t have the skill cvars set by default, which is why Zombies and other NPCs don’t do damage and usually die in one or two hits. I made a list of skill cvars with their proper values back in Gmod 9 that you can use on dedicated servers to fix the problem.


Copy those values into autoexec.cfg in the garrysmod/cfg folder on the server. The only downside to this is that I made this skill cvar list before Ep1 and Ep2 came out, so all skill settings for NPCs related to those games are absent. You can run both Ep1 and Ep2 and type “sk_” in the console to get a list of all missing skill cvars and add them to this file.