Zombies found some dinner


C&C please.

Nice but it needs editing.
Your posing is really nice dude keep it up.
Fucking lold at the tank.

Good job i like how the tanks on the heli.

Thanks,unfortunately I don’t know how to edit at all :(.

Well im going to edit it tomorow.
Keep thread alive.

The posing looks alright, but you really need a better map. Too many people think that GM_Bigcity is a good map to pose on, but unless you add stuff to it or edit the shit out of it, it looks like crap. Try using a map with more detail, and seeing as you are using zombies, get some night maps (searching for RP maps on garrysmod.org can bring up good results)

it’s pretty good, just like Vman said: different map, more details. otherwise it’s nice

wheres the helicopter rotor? how does a normal zombie climb up a ten story building? could use some editing and more zombies, at least add blood to the person in front

Theres no rotor.

T.T,I forgot to add it on to the helicopter since its a separate prop.

Posing is alright, but, as everyone said, GM bigcity is dull.