Zombies hanging around an abandoned farm


The clouds look cheesy as compared to the lightning

The blood around the zombie(The one next to the car) looks blured.

i guess i failed to hide the blood’s sharpness
and the clouds

Sky color and that lightening didn’t quite match up, but I like the detail with the corpse and the gas can beside the car. Like he tried to get some fuel in to get away, but didn’t make it. Shadows are nice to.

The middle zombie looks like he is saying “DUURRRRRR” instead of moaning.

Sharpness? try using the eraser not the blur tool to hide it… (Or you didnt worked in layers?)
I used/And sometimes I still use the blur to hide sharpness in stuff like that but it looks really bad unless you know how to do it right.

lightning is too out of place, it’s really weird.

The farm’s wall is chopped off, you could hide it with something.