Zombies impossible to get away from as a new start

I have only been playing for a few days now but since the wipe last night I have noticed an incredibly annoying bug with zombies.

Before the wipe if I got aggro’d by a zombie I’d just run and eventually they’d give up, but now they wont give up. They will just chase and chase and chase me until I get on a rock or building so they can’t reach me.

Then it gets even worse. 95% of the time I get on a rock to avoid the zombie the zombie just runs into the rock. So If I try to jump rock to rock to lose it, it just runs straight through the rocks like they aren’t there.

I actually managed to make it into my shack one time, and it killed me through the bloody walls.

Please fix this. Q.Q

Or you could just kill the zombies with a rock cause it is ridiculously easy to do so?


Not if you’ve killed one or two already and have no bandages left, and no food since your a new start.

Either way zombies should not be able to kill your through your walls or run through rocks.

I’d be more worried about that guy with an M4 and mommy issues.