Zombies in one room and non infected humans in another room


Comment or I’ll blast your ass.

raises deflective material to ass

Well, It’s high quality and that counts for something.
Other than that, you just put some zombie ragdolls on the other side of the wall of citizens.
Don’t feel bad. It is nice, I just don’t see anything special about it. Have a cookie.


its like a Before and after picture.

4 Words

It’s a good picture…but I don’t see why the people are having a happy conversation on one side of the wall. It looks like something out of the Sims.

I dont get it.
But the picture is cool.

Blast my ass…

Woman : There’s zombies in the next room…
Man : No there’s not >_>…

No artistic? I find this more unique than other screenshots,posing is great and so is the editing. The only thing I find odd is that the non infected humans are acting like they are not aware of the infected,if infected were in the same building I think the humans would’ve known.

I like how the room with the normal people looks in good shape, but the zombie room looks decayed.

I like it but you shouldn’t of blurred the wall.

I though the title was, "Zombies in one room and


humans in another room."

I like how you posed the Humans it looks great but i don’t see the point of the picture.

yea, well it’s supposed to show how bad you have it when infected.
So the non infected humans keep living their normal lives even after the infected are just left to die.

But they are already dead? I think.

I dunno.

Good posing.

Very clever. I like the difference in lighting.