Zombies in the office

btw, guys can you help me out? when ever i save my edited picture in photoshop i can see qaulity loss, what am i doing wrong? both jpeg and tiff show (almost) same results

fuck me media websites are all against me



sec fixing it , filesmelt did something

im keeping them both because: second has better quality, but 1st one is bigger, i have an issue with saving images in photoshop

I can’t see anything.

FileSmelt seems to be having some issues, doesn’t look like it likes .tif files anyway

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I saw it though, and all in all it’s pretty good, could have maybe zoomed the camera in a bit more

This is much better, I have noticed that with Photoshop with some of my older screenies, I’m will get some flack for this but I save my images as Png. The posing is cool, lighting or colors are off for me, but keep at it man.

thanks :slight_smile:

It looks like you’re finally improving

i remeber someone quoting people start off with no skills and in 10 days the become much better
not being proud or anything, but that motivated me, plus i asked people around the forums in some of their techniques that they use, so i should be grateful to them as well

this is sweet man i love pics with zombies in it good work!:wink:

Not bad, mate. You’re definitely getting better.

Your set-up is getting better, just work on your posing a little bit more and then lighting will start to fall into place. Remember to use pictures for reference.

Also the blood needs to be more splattered. For instance, in the corner it’s obvious you used the paint tool because the blood decal cuts off at the corner of the wall. That and when people get shot against the wall, in most zombie cases they slump against the wall. The blood splotches on the walls that are near each other need to look more connected.

yea i noticed that later and was wondering , has anyone seen that yet…, but yea thanks

The living dude’s pose is awkward as a first fuck