Zombies in this game are too hard and aggressive.

Just had a terrifying moment one very dark night, when a horde of zombies (ok, 3 of them) came to my house and started bashing on the door; their unintelligible grunts sent a chill down my spine. If some nice guy hadn’t come along and shot them, I wouldn’t have been able to leave at all. They are too aggressive and will chase you until you starve to death if need be. Also, the AI seems to be buggy because I sometimes catch them bashing other zombies over the head.

The worst zombies are the black ones. I’ve never managed to get a close look at one of them because they kill me almost instantly somehow; very unzombie-like, particularly their grunting which sounds almost like jeering. They also seem to spawn more often when I’m naked. Even other zombies run away from them.

Also, is there an option to disable their emotes? They are too high-pitched and totally unlike what you hear in most other zombie media, even though they are still quite terrifying.

you are bad

Reds die easily with 1 arrow to the head or 2 in the body, Blacks are a little tougher but here is the trick


They are supposed to be a threat…

I just facepalmed so damn hard at the title of this thread and then bothered to look… Fuck my life.

Please, OP: Play the game more and get better instead of complaining that they’re too hard just because you got schooled by one. Practice, get ammo and guns, and start whacking away at their head with shots.

You can run as fast as the zombies can. Just run from them.

Or, get a bow/gun/friend to kill them. If they are chasing you, someone else can hit them freely without being attacked.

They are too easy IMO.

First dont build home next to their spawn, second get bow. Red zombies takes 1
Arrow, black ones takes 4. Pickaxe kills as fast as bow, but requires practise… but only for red ones. Black ones only with bow. Dont use gun if you dont have silencer or you will bring bandits on you, bow is silent and cheap weapon gr8 for zombies.

This is a clearly facetious post that draws a parallel between zombies and many of Rust’s players: you will get hordes of them beating on your door, like zombies, chasing you for miles, like zombies, and babbling incomprehensibly, like zombies. The black zombies I mentioned are the kevlar-clad numpties.

You lot have failed me.

Poe’s law, in broader form, is:

Without a blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of extremism or fundamentalism that someone won't mistake for the real thing.

I’m sorry but the 2nd paragraph at least could not be any more blatant.

Sheez, I wish there were more zombies, in fact, hordes of them. It would force greater cooperation from the playerbase and less killing of each other :slight_smile:

zombies in this game are far too easy. stop being stupidly bad OP.

Im sorry, what?

You can actually outrun the zombies, After you get far enough from the Radiation zones they stop chasing you, And really, if you aim properly they are not hard to kill at all.

Like any other zombie game, aim for the head = 1 shot kill.
and the reason so many of them are in the rad zones, is because the loot is good, So you have to work to get what is in the area.

Craft yourself some bullets, and work on headshots and ur good to go.

I sure hope you are joking OP

He catches ai players bashing zombies in the head? Zombies are difficult? Not sure if you’re just trolling OP, or that you’re extremely stupid.

Ok, I know this is going to be pretty fucking difficult to accomplish, trust me. it took me forever to realize this too. This step will require perfect timing or it will not work at all.

Stop being AFK.

If you’re not AFK, the zombies can’t possibly kill you, unless you have the intelligence of a peacock then they will in either case maul your ass into the ground.

No, you failed yourself and looked like a fool.

Poe’s law, deal with it.

I got it OP. You have to remember the zombies also have no brains. Pretty sure the average age here is like 12.

Zombies are hard? LMFAO I pissed my pants laughing

what if i told you that you can kill a zombie with just a rock